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Updated October 28, 2020 4:29 p.m.


In August 2020, the City of Tulsa received $30.9 million in reimbursements for public safety expenses from the State of Oklahoma’s Coronavirus Relief Funds allocation. The City of Tulsa intends to use these funds to help Tulsans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funds will be utilized for community-driven programs that support individual health and safety, mitigate the spread of COVID-19, provide free financial counseling for families experiencing hardship, and foster future economic growth.

The City of Tulsa’s Downtown Coordinating Council also received $675,000 in Tulsa County Coronavirus Relief Funds to support small businesses and $81,950 for sanitation efforts in Downtown.

The City of Tulsa is working to ensure residents’ recovery and the city’s resilience during these unprecedented times through community programming. Get a glimpse of the impact these CARES-funded programs are already having in the community through these videos: EnglishSpanish 


Beginning Fund Balance Icon  CRF Beginning Balance: $30.9 million

Allocated Funds Icon  Allocated to Date: $7.7 million  |  Remaining Funds: $23.2 million

This program will provide Internet access to approximately 23,000 families with public school students and Tulsa Housing Authority residents who currently lack Internet amid the pandemic. The funds will also launch the Tulsa Responds team who will act as navigators and help families get connected, ensure they know what Internet options are available and navigate any technological challenges.

Partners: Jenks Public Schools, Tulsa Public Schools, Union Public Schools, Tulsa Community Foundation, Tulsa Housing Authority, ImpactTulsa and Cox Communications.

This program utilizes the funds in three ways: 1) to expand day and night shelter services and daily meals at the former Juvenile Detention Center for vulnerable population experiencing homelessness, 2) to coordinate outreach to individuals experiencing homelessness, and 3) to provide quarantine hotel facilities to prevent overcrowding in shelters and community spread of COVID-19.

Partners: Mental Health Association of Oklahoma, City Lights Foundation, Tulsa Day Center, A Better Way, A Way Home for Tulsa, Iron Gate, Skyline Animal Hospital

Launch Date of Day Shelter Services: September 8, 2020

Launch Date of Night Shelter Services: September 28, 2020

Tulsa County CARES provided the City of Tulsa’s Downtown Coordinating Council (DCC) funds to help small businesses during the pandemic. DCC will be providing $10,000 grants for businesses to expand operations outdoors via a parklet, sidewalk café and street dining.

Launch Date: September 4, 2020

Tulsa’s Financial Navigators program provides an opportunity for residents to access quick 30-minute guidance over the phone at no cost to answer common questions regarding financial concerns, such as prioritizing daily living expenses and managing debt. The Financial Empowerment Center will offer a one-hour session with professional financial counseling as a free public service. Watch the Financial Navigators Video in English | Spanish

Partners: Goodwill Industries of Tulsa, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund

Launch Date of Financial Navigators: August 3, 2020

This program creates limited day care services for children in first through sixth grades, available at City parks and recreation centers to help students who are learning remotely due to the pandemic.

Launch Date: September 9, 2020

Tulsa County CARES provided the City of Tulsa’s Downtown Coordinating Council (DCC) $81,950 to support personal health and safety in Downtown Tulsa.  The City of Tulsa will use the funds to supply portable public restroom facilities to be used by vulnerable individuals or those experiencing homelessness. The facilities will be serviced and sanitized daily for six months, while providing employment to individuals experiencing homelessness to help keep Downtown public areas clean amid the pandemic.

Partners: A Better Way, Mental Health Association of Oklahoma, Tulsa County
Launch Date: Week of October 12, 2020

The Tulsa Fire Department install automated vehicle location tracking in 76 fire vehicles to provide reliable, wireless network connection and remote monitoring for the department’s mobile responder fleet.

The funds created a Coronavirus Relief Funds Program Manager position to oversee the City of Tulsa’s efforts of utilizing the funds within the parameters laid out by federal, state and local guidelines. Duties include monitoring compliance, reporting on project progress and completion.

The funds created a Coronavirus Relief Funds Communications Specialist position to formulate a communications strategy plan to ensure businesses and Tulsa residents are aware of economic recovery tools and programs.

The funds will be utilized for Veritor Plus Influenza and Strep Kits for City employees for early detection in order to keep employees safe and healthy amid the pandemic.