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Frequently Flooded Streets

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100 W. 81st St.
1025 N. Lewis Ave. (Underpass RR)
10400 S. Yale
1800 N. Mingo Rd - Mingo Pump Station (Underpass RR)
18500 E. 41st St.
20100 E. 11th St.   
4300 S. Sheridan Rd.
4392 S. Victor Ave.
5500 N. Mingo Rd.
5900 E. 101st St and South Joplin Ave.
6200 E. 11th St.     
6400 To 6600 S. Peoria Ave.  
700 S. Frankfort Ave.
8600 S. Elwood Ave.
Denver Ave. W. First St. – W. Archer St. (Underpass RR)
East 15th St S. and S. Columbia Ave. (Underpass BA)
East 21st St S. and S. Columbia Ave. (Underpass BA)
East 26th St S. and S. Harvard Ave. (Underpass BA)
East 28th Street and South Pittsburg Ave. (Underpass BA)
East 31st Street and South Yale Ave. (Underpass BA)
East 33rd St and Hudson Ave.
East 3rd St and Owasso Ave. (Underpass RR)
East 6th St S. and S. Madison Ave. (Underpass Hwy 75)
East Admiral Blvd and N. Peoria Ave. (Underpass I-244)
East Archer St and N. Peoria Ave. (Underpass RR)
I-44 and South Darlington Ave.
South 104th East Ave. and East Fourth Pl.            
South 33rd West Ave. and Southwest Blvd (Underpass I-244)
South 33rd West Ave. and West 51st St (Underpass I-44)
West Cameron Street and North Denver Ave. (Underpass RR)

Updated, May 2, 2022