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Municipal Court

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The Tulsa Municipal Court is a Court of Record, authorized under City Ordinance, with jurisdiction in the City of Tulsa. The Court is responsible for misdemeanor traffic, parking, and criminal offenses, as well as code violations for health, fire, animal, and zoning violations.

Mission of the Court 
To provide for the fair, impartial and efficient administration of justice in an atmosphere that promotes public trust and confidence in our justice system.


Municipal Court does not suspend drivers' license. Service Oklahoma manages drivers' license suspensions and reinstatements. Any questions related to your drivers’ license can be directed to (405) 522-7000 or you can visit the Service Oklahoma website.

Court Administration
600 Civic Center | Map
Tulsa, OK 74103
Monday - Wednesday, Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. | City Holidays
Thursday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. (See Night Court below)

Court Records - (918) 596-1625
Jail Booking - (918) 596-9253
Probation - (918) 596-7750
Early Settlement - (918) 596-7786
Public Defenders - (918) 596-9393

Traffic Tickets can be paid online, at the Courts address above, or:
City Hall
175 E 2nd St.
Tulsa, OK 74103
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Why or when would I need to be added to the docket?

  • If you have a bench warrant
  • If you have a ticket you want to contest
  • If you have a set future court date, but would like to come earlier
  • If you need to get on a payment plan
  • If your tags are more than 6 months expired
  • If you missed your court date

When can I get added on to the docket?

  • Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
  • Any day that the court is in regular session, with the exception of Jury week

How long do I have to wait to be seen once I add-on?
Your court date will be scheduled from the date that you add on. 

How can I pay my Time Pay Order (TPO)?

  • By mail
  • In person at City Hall or at the cashier window at Municipal Court

When can I pay my TPO?

  • City Hall is open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • The cashier window at Municipal Court is open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

What happens if I can’t make the full payment by the due date?
If you cannot make the full payment by the due date, you will either:

  • Get added on to our docket to see the Judge
  • Get with Cost Administration for possibility of additional time

Do I have to pay the same amount on my TPO every time?
No. You can make any large or small payment towards your TPO up until the due date.

Do I have a warrant?
Currently, the only two ways to search if you have a warrant is through:

How can I clear my warrants?
Varying on the type of warrant, you may either pay to clear your warrants or you may have to get added on to see a Judge. We highly recommend coming to Court Records at Municipal Court for further assistance.

What are the different types of warrants?

  • Bench Warrants
    • FTP (Failure to Pay) – If you fail to pay your TPO
    • FTA (Failure to Appear) – If you fail to appear in front of the Judge on your set court date
  • Regular Warrants
    • These are from preset warrant status

I received a summons for Jury Duty, what now?
Appear at Tulsa Municipal Court on the date listed on your summons received in the mail.

  • Refer to "Visit or Contact Us" for directions

Where do I park for Jury Duty?

  • Civic Center Parkade
    550 W 3rd St., Tulsa, OK 74103

Do I have to pay for parking?
Parking is $10 for the day. For reimbursement, please bring your receipt and show it to the Jury Clerk upon arrival in the Jury Room.

Once I get there, what can I expect to happen?

  • Go through Security
  • Fill out paperwork
  • Watch DVD about Jury Service
  • Wait for Judge to indicate that they are ready for the jurors
  • Jury Clerk will pull 15 names, at random, for the initial calling of jurors
  • The 15 selected will proceed to the courtroom with the bailiff
  • Judge will swear the selected 15 in
  • Voir Dire (Speak the truth) will follow
  • Defense and Prosecution will both ask jurors questions
  • Each side can dismiss three jurors, leaving the total number of jurors listening to the case at six.
  • The six will remain seated and the trial will begin.

How often does Jury Duty occur?
Once a quarter. This is during the last full week of Jan., Apr., Jul., and Oct.

Who qualifies for Jury Duty?
Anyone 18-69 years old that lives in the city limits of Tulsa qualifies for Jury Duty. However, any persons convicted of a felony are subject to be disqualified if they have not had their civil rights restored. Persons over the age of 70 are welcome but are not required to serve.

What if I have a medical condition keeping me from participating in Jury Duty?

  • Email the request to be excused or deferred along with a doctor's note to:
  • The Judge will decide if you will be excused or deferred. You will get a notification from the Jury clerk to confirm that decision.

Can I get a confirmation of service for my employer?
Yes, we can provide letters of confirmation for your service

What kind of cases will I possibly be a juror for?
Misdemeanor criminal and traffic cases

Will I get paid for Jury Duty?
• Yes. $20 a day in addition to the current IRS mileage rate of $0.65 per mile effective January 1, 2023.

How many people will serve on the Jury?
• The final jurors setting for a trial is six citizens’ total

How are worksites chosen?
Worksites for both probation and workorders are selected after your court hearing.

When should I have my requirements turned in?
All requirements must be turned in a week prior to your scheduled court date.

If you have any issues with the chosen worksite or need more information on your courses, please contact the appropriate probation office.

Probation Officers:
Division 1: (918) 596-7750
Division 2: (918) 596-7783
Division 3: (918) 596-7782

You have many rights as a defendant in municipal court:

  • You are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
  • You have the right to remain silent
  • You have the right to retain a lawyer, and, in some cases, you may qualify for court appointed legal counsel at no expense to you
  • You may also represent yourself (as a pro se defendant)
  • You have the right to plead guilty or not guilty, and in some cases the judge may accept a plea of no contest
  • You have the right to receive a copy of the criminal information before trial as well as discovery the city has in your case (the alleged facts that the city may present against you)
  • You have the right to a trial before a judge and in some cases the right to a jury trial If you need the services of an interpreter, please notify municipal court administrator prior to your appearance in court.

Your Rights During Trial:

  • You have the right to hear all testimony introduced against you
  • You have the right to cross examine witnesses who testify against you
  • You have the right to testify on your own behalf or to remain silent
  • You have the right to subpoena and call witnesses to testify on your behalf
  • You have the right to appeal within 10 days of any conviction

None of this information should be considered legal advice and you should consult with an attorney to be fully advised of your legal rights

Municipal Court can provide copies of records at your request. Requests for a copy of records can be done via email or in-person at our Court Records window inside Tulsa Municipal Court. Please send all email records request to:

With each request, a Request for Individual Record Form must be filled out for your request to be completed. You can find the form, policy and fee schedule online.

Requests can take one to three business days. Once your request has been completed, you can either make payments at our cashier window inside

Municipal Courts or send in a check to:

City of Tulsa Municipal Court
ATTN: Court Records
600 Civic Center, Second Floor
Tulsa, OK 74103

Your records can either be mailed, emailed, or physically picked up at Court Records inside Municipal Court.

Thursday evenings until 7 p.m.
Docket schedule: 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m.

Thursday Night Court offers residents extended hours to complete business with Tulsa Municipal Court.

Thursday evening services:

  • Pay citations
  • Access Court records
  • Arrange or extend payment plans

To confirm whether your citation qualifies for Night Court and schedule a date at least 48 hours in advance.

If you have a correctible citation (expired tag, insurance, and driver’s license,) email your documents to at least 72 hours in advance and bring them with you on your scheduled court date. Prior approval is required to confirm the scheduled court appearance.

A Spanish interpreter is available free of charge.

You can now request a on-street metered parking citation waiver if you park at an on-street parking meter and need to take alternate transportation (commercial or public) for safety reasons. If you leave your vehicle parked beyond the parking limit and receive a citation, you may request a dismissal as long as:

  • The vehicle has no other unpaid parking citations
  • The vehicle was not left in the parking space later than noon
  • You have a time and date stamped receipt from the commercial or public transportation company
  • You submit a completed Responsible Driver Waiver to the Court Clerk or City Prosecutor within 10 business days along with a date and time stamped receipt by the transportation company, along with a copy of your citation.

Citizens may request a cost hearing where a judge will determine their ability to pay and will be able to waive all or a partial of the costs. Cost Hearings are intended to collect court debt, eliminate uncollectable debt early, avoid the arrest and incarceration of people who have not been judicially determined able to pay and avoid continued civil rights lawsuits by providing due process of law in the collection process.

Municipal Court is committed to exemplary customer service.  Please take a moment to tell us about your courthouse experience: Customer Satisfaction Survey.

All Bench Warrant Citations and Cases for Failure to Pay will incur an additional 35 percent fee once they are turned over to our collection agency.

You can access all careers at the City of Tulsa through our Employment Opportunity Job Board