Oversize Load Permit

An Oversize/Overweight Load Permit is required by the City of Tulsa if the movement traverses city of Tulsa streets. Any vehicle, trailer, object or equipment over 14-feet-high, 14-feet-wide, or 90-feet-long is considered oversize and any vehicle, trailer, object or equipment over 90,000 lbs. is considered overweight on city streets.

Any person, firm, corporation, limited liability company, or other entity applying for an oversize/overweight load permit to traverse City of Tulsa streets, other than housemoving shall pay a permit fee as set forth:

Single Oversize/Overweight Load - $65. This fee is nonrefundable. 

Monthly Oversize/Overweight Load - $110. This fee is nonrefundable.  

A Monthly Oversize/Overweight Load Permit may be approved for a recurring movement on multiple dates within the same month, if using the same City street route and the load specifications are the same or lesser. You must submit an Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) Permit before each movement within the same month.

The permitting process may take up to two (2) business days, but is generally within 24 hours. Once reviewed and the applicable City departments have provided their recommendations, you will receive an approved movement permit.