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2023 Tulsa Equality Indicators


2023 Tulsa Equality Indicators


Tulsa Equality Indicators was initiated in 2017 by the City of Tulsa and the Community Service Council as a tool to measure and track disparities among subgroups of Tulsans over time. Six years of quantitative data are now available to inform our city and community leaders about inequalities in opportunities and outcomes, and to guide public policy and innovative solutions that will lead to greater equity for all Tulsans.

Six themes serve as the foundation for the Tulsa Equality Indicators tool. Each of the six themes is divided into three topics consisting of three indicators—54 indicators in total. View the scores for each indicator.


Mayor G.T. Bynum

Overall, Tulsa has improved its Equality Score since 2018 with increases in education, public health, economic opportunity, and housing themes. It is my hope that Tulsans will continue to use these scores to look at ways to ensure that every Tulsan, no matter their race, ethnicity, zip code, or other identity, has an opportunity for a healthy life. Thank you to our vast and robust network of non-profit organizations, local businesses, faith-based institutions, and government partners, who are making Tulsa better every day.

– Mayor G.T. Bynum, Tulsa Equality Indicators 2023 Annual Report