Equipment Management

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Mission Statement

To provide our customers with safe, economical, environmentally efficient and reliable services to ensure maximum utilization of the fleet.

Overview of Services

The Equipment Management Division (EMD) operates a centralized maintenance program for City vehicles and equipment. This program provides regular preventive maintenance as well as unscheduled repairs through internal maintenance operations and contracted services with commercial vendors. In addition, the EMD is responsible for providing fuel to all on-road and off-road City equipment and provides on-site maintenance services for off-road and heavy equipment. Other responsibilities include collision repairs, vehicle washes, motor pool vehicles and fleet management services. The division operates an internal service fund supported by billing clients for services rendered.

Services at a Glance

  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance
  • Vehicle and equipment body damage repair and painting
  • Parts sourcing, acquisition, issuance, and inventory control
  • Motor pool for occasional use, special use, long and short term rental
  • Specification development and contract management
  • Inspection of new vehicles and equipment to ensure compliance with specifications
  • Asset management, including depreciation, budgeting, and accounting
  • Fuel acquisition, delivery, issuance, and inventory control; fuel infrastructure maintenance; underground and above ground storage tank oversight; and, consumables tracking and reporting
  • Car and truck wash services
  • Computerized inventory support
  • Air quality program development, support and advocacy
  • Emergency energy coordination, maintenance and oversight
  • Equipment modification and specialty fabrication for improved and more efficient operations and to better suit customer needs
  • Ford warranty repairs on light duty vehicles, warranty and recall services
  • Insurance subrogation and collection for vehicle collisions
  • Grant procurement for alternative fuels vehicles and infrastructure
  • Utilization monitoring and reporting; development of fleet utilization scoring system
  • AssetWorks M5 fleet management system (user training and access)
  • Operation and maintenance of public-private Compressed Natural Gas fueling stations and Electric Vehicle charging stations

EMD Billing Rates

  • $55 per hour maintenance labor rate
  • $43 per hour body shop labor rate
  • Cost plus 5% mark up for commercial charges
  • Cost plus 25% mark up for contract parts
  • Cost plus $0.10 markup for fuel
  • $20/half day, $40/full day for motor pool rental

EMD Fast Facts

  • 81¬†employees
  • 2,400 vehicles in the City's fleet
  • City's fleet drives 20 million miles per year
  • Ratio of on-road vehicles to employees is 0.66
  • $14.5 million operating budget
  • $3.5 million in parts purchased every year
  • 2.2 million gallons of fuel purchased each year
  • Mechanics work 65,000 hours per year to maintain the City's fleet
  • Body shop personnel work 8,800 hours per year to repair the fleet
  • EMD annually subrogates & collects insurance proceeds of $150K-$200K
  • EMD is a Ford Warranty Shop for light duty repairs
  • EMD consigns International parts with a local dealer