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Water Leak Credit Program

The City of Tulsa provides a Courtesy Credit Program for qualifying water leak events.  Not all events qualify, and the credit will not cover all your additional billed amount.  The credit can take a few months to evaluate and appear on your account, so you will want to make other arrangements to get the bill paid.

To help understand the process, please review the following terms:

Meter Can – This is the underground structure that houses the water meter.  This is often referred to as the Vault for a larger size meter.  The City of Tulsa maintains the service line from the water main to the meter and the can that houses the meter.

Private line – This is the portion of the water distribution system that delivers water from the City of Tulsa meter to the customer.

Usage baseline – This is the normal usage for a customer calculated as the higher of either the sewer cap (winter quarter average) or the average of the 2 preceding months before an event.  The City of Tulsa may also consider seasonal fluctuations and use the previous year(s) usage during comparable periods.  The City of Tulsa will use their discretion to determine the usage baseline for the courtesy credit.

Courtesy Leak Credit Qualifications

The events defined below may qualify for a courtesy credit:

  1. Private Line Leak – A repair to the customer’s private line - Repairs must meet all of the following criteria to qualify:

Repairs that would NOT qualify:

  1. City Repair – A repair in the meter can/vault that occurred after flowing thru the meter to be measured for billing purposes. City repair events must meet all the following criteria to qualify.

City repairs that do not affect consumption and therefore would not qualify because the water is lost before it passes through to register on the meter:

Requesting a Courtesy Credit

  1. A request must be made in writing using the following options. Be sure to include your account number or address.
  1. Include relevant documentation with your request which would include one of the following:

Process Timeline

The City of Tulsa will file the paperwork and review the consumption on subsequent bills to confirm that the usage has returned to normal.  This process may take up to 60 days for the usage to return to normal during the monthly read cycle for your meter.  You will also want to review your consumption compared to preceding bills to confirm that the usage has returned to normal.

How will I know the outcome of my request?

City of Tulsa staff will evaluate, and if qualified, calculate the courtesy credit. A letter or email will also be sent to inform you of the decision.  If you qualify for the credit, a credit will be made to your account.  If the event does not qualify, the reason will be stated on the notification. 

How Credits are Calculated

The Courtesy Credit Program is designed to offset some of the cost of additional usage caused by an event.  It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor high consumption in their billing, and therefore the courtesy leaks are limited to the two highest consumption months affected by the event that also meet the percentage qualifications.  (Credits for City repairs may be for more than two months)

The following formulas are used for calculating credits:

  1. Private Line Leaks

(Highest Usage Month(s) – Baseline usage) X 50% X Billing Rate = Courtesy Credit

  1. City Repairs

(Affected month(s) – Baseline usage) X 100% X Billing Rate = Courtesy Credit

If Sewer credit applies:

(Highest Usage Month(s) – Baseline usage) X Sewer Factor % X Billing Rate = Courtesy Credit

Dealing with Higher Bills

Tulsa water customers are responsible for the balance of their bills during the waiting period after a courtesy credit is applied for.  If the bill is not paid by the normal cut-off date, the water service will be interrupted, which may further delay the courtesy credit process.  Payment arrangements are available to every customer to spread the large account balance over 3 months and are often setup while your courtesy leak credit is being evaluated.  There are no fees to make an arrangement.  However, there are a few conditions that can make your account ineligible for an arrangement:

To make a payment arrangement:

Some items to keep in mind with your arrangement are: