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Rentals, Reservations, Special Events

Park Shelters are great for parties, picnics, or family reunions for 50-75 people. Most shelters rent for $70/day for residents or $88/day for non-Tulsa residents. Larger shelters rent for $110/day or $128/day for non-Tulsa residents. Those shelters include Mohawk #2, Mohawk #6, Veterans, Hunter, and Helmerich. 

For a complete list of shelters with amenities please click on the link below.

Some shelters and restrooms may require a key, involving a $25 deposit. Restrooms are available on a seasonal basis March 31-October 31. Most restrooms are 'winterized' (pipes drained to prevent freezing/damage) from November 1-March 30.

If no one has a Shelter Rental Permit, shelters may be used on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Mohawk Park: There is a parking fee of $2/car and $10/bus to enter from April 1 to October 31. These fees apply only on weekends and holidays.

List of Shelters

Key Deposit/Shelter Refund Policy

To start the shelter rental process, please download/complete the rental form below:

Shelter Rental Form

Woodward Park:  Reservations and permits for Woodward Park are made through the Tulsa Garden Center. Event rentals and commercial photography require a permit. Please visit and look for the Woodward Park section or call (918) 576-5155 for more information on permits for Woodward Park.

Special Events

Special Events accommodate a larger crowd, are open to the public, and/or have special needs. With many convenient locations across the city, one is ideal for your large outdoor event. A $25 Special Event Processing fee applies to all special events in addition to the park use fee.

Special Event parks feature more parking and other amenities to make your event run smoothly.

To start the process, please complete the Special Event Registration Form:

Special Event Registration Form

Additional Information:

General Park Use Permits

Certain activities may also require a park permit. A $25 permit processing fee will apply to all applications. Those activities include mobile vendors, photography, scattering of ashes and metal detecting. Please complete the General Park Use form:
General Park Use Form

Amenities for Rent

Amenities are available and affordable. Park events get first priority, but certain amenities can be rented for events outside the City of Tulsa parks. 
Amenity Rental Rates

Amenity Request Form

For availability and information, email:

Mobile Theatre - Equipped with a generator and lights, the Mobile Theatre is ideal for an outdoor concert, or announcing a 5K race. The stage floor is 36' across, 14' deep, and 4' off the ground. Description

Canopy Stage - An open-air stage with a canopy roof. No electric. The stage floor is 24' across, 16' deep, and 44" off the ground. Description

Bleachers - holds 15-20 people each. Six sections available. Rental in park sites only. 

Risers - Each section is 4' x 8' and 24" high. Twelve sections available. Rental in park sites only. 

Concession Trailer - Opens on three sides, this trailer is great for event registration or an information booth. Rental in park sites only.

Tents - 20' x 20' canopy tents with only four support beams. Rental in park sites only. 

Ball Fields

Open, unlighted sports fields are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Permits are available for $45 for a four-hour time period. To get a permit, contact us at or at (918) 596-2527. Find ball fields with backstops.