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Bulky Waste Pick Up

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If you live in a gated community or on a private street within the city limits of Tulsa and need greenwaste removal from the June 18 storm, you can schedule a bulky waste pick-up to have your greenwaste collected free of charge. If items other than greenwaste are included for collection, the regular $10 fee per 8 cubic yards will be charged. This offer is available only for bulky waste pick up on a private street or within a gated community and needs to be scheduled by Friday, September 8, 2023. 

The City of Tulsa provides bulky waste collection for large items that do not fit inside your refuse cart, and for yard waste that is too big to bundle for the regular hauler. There is a fee of $10 per 8 cubic yards, with a pre-set volume not exceeding 8 cubic yards.

If an item is small enough for one person to handle and is 40 pounds or less, it should be placed into a plastic bag with an orange refuse sticker attached and be put out for the regular refuse collection. For yard waste, if it can be tied into bundles that are 4' by 2', or in see-through bags,  and put it out for the regular refuse hauler. There is a maximum of 15 extra bags and/or bundles each week.

Bulky Waste items accepted:

Items we do not accept

Bulky waste is picked up the same day as your regular pickup for refuse, recycling, and yard waste. You must schedule your bulky waste pickup at least three days before the pickup day. Orders are scheduled in the order that they are received.

There is a fee of $10 per 8 cubic yards of bulky waste picked up.

On your scheduled day, remember:

Scheduling a Bulky Waste Pick Up