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Floodplain Map Atlas

This City of Tulsa Regulatory Floodplain Map Atlas has been prepared by the City as a service for public information and education about flood hazard areas regulated by the City of Tulsa.

You can view the Floodplain Atlas through the online GIS Map or by finding your location on the Index pdf below and navigating to the corresponding panel.

To view your neighborhood, first look at the Index below, and locate the area of town you live in. There will be a number in that area. Take that number, hit the back button, then find the panel in the list below.

If you need assistance interpreting these maps or need additional map information, please contact the Customer Care Center by emailing or calling 311 during regular business hours. A member of our Stormwater Engineering staff will be in touch with you.

Introduction and Instructions
Flood Hazard Information
Panel 21
Panel 22
Panel 23
Panel 24
Panel 27
Panel 28
Panel 29
Panel 30
Panel 31
Panel 35
Panel 36
Panel 37
Panel 38
Panel 39
Panel 40
Panel 45
Panel 46
Panel 47
Panel 48
Panel 49
Panel 50
Panel 51
Panel 52
Panel 53
Panel 54
Panel 56
Panel 57
Panel 58
Panel 61-62
Panel 81
Panel 82
Panel 172
Panel 174

Updated November 2021

The Keystone Dam Arkansas River Flood Maps are available online.