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Lead Safety Information

The City of Tulsa’s Water and Sewer Department cares about the health of the families in our community and takes great efforts to limit residents’ exposure to lead in drinking water. That’s why Tulsa’s drinking water is lead-free when it leaves the City water treatment plants for your home.

Tulsa’s water was WELL below the EPA’s minimum levels for lead when it was recently tested in summer 2016, and it has tested at that low level for decades.

Because other U.S. cities have recently experienced issues with lead in their tap water, we want to provide Tulsa residents helpful information and further resources about the topic.

Tulsa’s Safe Water

The City of Tulsa takes ongoing steps to control water chemistry and prevent lead and copper from leaching into our drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions | Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Family from Exposure in Tap Water | Additional Resources