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Water Supply

Raw Water

Tulsa's raw water is transported from Spavinaw/Eucha and Oologah Lakes. Lake Hudson, located just north of Locust Grove, is available for future use.

The first Spavinaw flowline ranges from 54 to 60 inches in diameter and is 53.9 miles long. The second flowline from Spavinaw ranges from 66 inches to 72 inches in diameter and is 52.2 miles long.

The first Oologah flowline is 42 inches in diameter and runs 16.7 miles to the 66-inch Bird Creek to Unruh pipeline that is 7.9 miles long. The second Oologah flowline is 54 inches-72 inches in diameter and is 22.87 miles long.

Raw water is stored in Yahola Lake (2.0 billion-gallon capacity) near Mohawk Water Treatment Plant and Unruh Reservoir (1.2 billion gallon capacity) near A.B. Jewell Water Treatment Plant.

Treated Water

The Mohawk Water Treatment Plant went online in the spring of 1998. The new plant has a 100-MGD treatment capacity*, 10-MGD more than the old plant that was built in the 1920s.

A.B. Jewell Water Treatment Plant  was built in 1974. In 1982, the plant was expanded to treat 90 MGD. It currently has the capacity to treat 120 MGD*.

*This is the maximum number of gallons that can be treated in one day. Pumpage into our distribution system is set at 210 MGD between the two treatment plants.

Average daily pumpage | 102.52 MGD (million gallons per day)

For water service or billing questions, call (918) 596-9511 or visit Utility Billing online.