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Urban Mobility Innovation Team

Purpose: Develop a policy and technical action plan to lower barriers for emerging transportation technology adoption in Tulsa.


  1. Tulsa will be among leading cities around the world embracing innovation in transportation technology.
  2. Create a team of informed business and government leaders to advise on policy and technical issues.
  3. Develop key components of Tulsa’s Strategic Mobility Plan.


  1. Create a policy team to focus on reducing the hurdles to implementing autonomous vehicles in Tulsa.
  2. Create a technical team to identify the infrastructure needs for autonomous vehicles.
  3. Conduct a series of convenings to deeply understand the issues related to autonomous vehicles and an action plan for implementation.

Date | Time | Group | Topic

Monday, December 18

9 a.m. | Technical + Policy (presentation slides)

Tuesday, January 16
1 p.m.  |  Technical  |  Technical Team Working Meeting, City Hall 15th Floor Collaboration Space

Tuesday, February 6
1 p.m.  |  Policy  |  State and Federal Policy Briefing, City Hall, 15th Floor Boardroom (Agenda) (presentation slides)
2:30 p.m.  |  Technical  |  Infrastructure Briefing, City Hall, 15th Floor Boardroom (Agenda

Tuesday, February 27
1 p.m.  |  Policy + Technical  |  
Industry Showcase  TNCs (i.e Uber, Lyft), Manufacturers, Rental Cars, Trucking, etc.

Monday, March 26
2:30 p.m.  |  Policy  |  Public-Private Partnerships with Jennifer Bradley of the Aspen Institute

Monday, April 23
1 p.m.  |  Policy + Technical  |  Cybersecurity - Tyler Moore and Jeremy Daily, University of Tulsa, City Hall 15th Floor Boardroom

Monday, April 30

12 p.m.  |  Technical  |  Data Sharing - David Zipper

Date TBD
1 p.m.  |  Policy + Technical  |  Outline of Requirements for Strategic Mobility Actions