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Pay Equity

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Though women participate in the local workforce at a rate of 73.8 percent and make up 51.2 percent of the population, women in Tulsa County still only earn 84 cents to every dollar earned by men. 

To combat this inequality, the Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women has introduced what's called the "Pay Equity Pledge," which is designed to highlight employers who are committed to closing this gap. 

When the gap is narrowed, it can reduce poverty, improve economic growth and promote prosperity. 

What Is Pay Equity?
Pay equity means compensating employees the same when they perform the same or similar job duties, while accounting for other factors, such as their experience level, job performance and tenure with the employer.

How Can It Benefit Employers?
A commitment to pay equity can positively impact employee morale, turnover and retention rates, and performance.

Take the Pledge

Companies and organizations that take the Mayor’s Pay Equity Pledge agree to:

Ready to join the City of Tulsa as a Pay Equity Leader? 

Pay Equity Leaders