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1921 Graves Meeting Held to Develop Next Steps in Graves Investigation

This article was archived on 3/3/2020

The Public Oversight Committee for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Graves Investigation met tonight and received a feasibility plan from the Oklahoma Archaelogical Survey regarding next steps for the physical investigation.

At this time, the Physical Investigation Committee plans to conduct a test excavation in the sexton area in Oaklawn Cemetery, where the initial geophysical investigation identified a large anomaly consistent with a mass grave. This feasibility study would establish the presence or absence of human remains, determine the nature of the interments, and obtain data to help inform the future steps in the investigation, including appropriate recovery efforts. Appropriate permits will also have to be obtained during this process. 

The Physical Investigation team will also conduct additional geophysical investigations in Oaklawn and The Canes where initial results warranted additional examination. The Physical Investigation Committee will provide the report of their findings at a future Public Oversight Committee meeting.

Three goals were established around the 1921 graves reexamination, including: public oversight, historical context and the physical evidence investigation. For more information on the process, visit:

All meetings are streamed live on Facebook @CityofTulsaGov. The next meeting is scheduled for Mon., March 2, 5:30 p.m. at Rudisill Regional Library, 1520 N. Hartford Ave.