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1921 Graves Update - June 14, 1:20 p.m.

This article was archived on 8/29/2021

Day 11 of the formal exhumation process at Oaklawn Cemetery continues as crews work to carefully uncover burials and safely transport remains to the on-site lab for analysis. To date, the team has discovered 28 burials and the exhumation began last week.

Today’s press conference with State Archaeologist Kary Stackelbeck and Forensic Anthropologist Phoebe Stubblefield can be viewed on the 1921 Graves Facebook page, @1921Graves.

Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens Scanning
In 2018, Mayor G.T. Bynum announced the City of Tulsa would reexamine the potential of graves from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre as identified in the 2001 State commissioned report. Three sites were identified in the City’s examination: Oaklawn Cemetery, Newblock Park and Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens, formerly Booker T. Washington Cemetery.

Oklahoma Archaeological Survey is currently using ground penetrating radar at Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens. Ground penetrating radar has already been completed at Oaklawn Cemetery and Newblock Park.

The geophysical work at Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens is expected to continue through Tuesday, June 15, after which time the findings will be analyzed and presented to the 1921 Graves Public Oversight Committee at a later date. Please note Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens is a private cemetery and has been closed to the public as experts conduct their work.

Pictures & Video
For the latest news and information on the 1921 Graves Investigation, including photographs and drone video from inside Oaklawn Cemetery and at Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens (being uploaded this afternoon), visit and follow 1921 Graves on Facebook.