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City Continues 1921 Graves Investigation at Oaklawn Cemetery with Plans to Begin Third Full Excavation; Site Preparation to Begin Tuesday, Sept. 5

This article was archived on 11/30/2023

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the City will announce plans to start the third excavation at Oaklawn Cemetery as part of the 1921 Graves Investigation.  

Site preparation will last a few days, and when complete, the full excavation will start. More information is below about the process so far, along with additional information about this excavation. 

* Following Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Phoebe Stubblefield’s detailed assessments of each of the 27 exhumed burials, 22 remains ultimately made it out of that process between the 2021 and 2022 excavations. Each of those 22 remains were sent to Intermountain Forensics, the laboratory assisting the City with DNA and genealogical analysis. *

Process at Oaklawn Cemetery
Starting Sept. 5, Oaklawn Cemetery will be closed to the public. During the course of their work, experts intend to work daily excluding weekends. Hours may fluctuate based on the weather and daily tasks. 

It is important researchers be able to conduct the excavation without interruption. Media interviews will be limited to the two news conferences (more below). The City will work to post field updates as warranted based on findings to the 1921 Graves Facebook page, @1921Graves, and to the shared media drive at  

At the conclusion of the excavation, experts will host a second news conference to share any preliminary information from the excavation process.  

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