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City of Tulsa Celebrates 121st Birthday

This article was archived on 1/1/0001

As part of the Resilient Tulsa Strategy, join the City of Tulsa on social media Friday, January 18, 2019 to show your civic pride and celebrate Tulsa’s diversity and growth.

The hope is to help spread civic pride by changing your profile picture on your social media channels to the images at Help us spread the word as we celebrate our city!

The Resilience Strategy includes an actionable set of visions, goals, and actions that addresses the city’s most pressing stresses and seeks to build capacity among residents and city systems alike to better withstand future shocks. Resilient Tulsa is organized into four overarching visions, which taken together strive to produce long-term solutions to challenges ranging from extreme weather events to significant racial, economic, and health inequities. For more information about the Resilient Tulsa Strategy, visit: