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City of Tulsa Flood Safety, Preparedness Tips

The City of Tulsa is reminding residents of precautions to take during times of heavy rain and storms.
With forecasts showing additional rainfall, saturated soils can lead to flash flooding especially in flood-prone areas. For a list of streets known to flood in Tulsa during these times, visit
Safety Tips
The National Weather Service recommends the following tips during times of flooding:
To report high water that is posing a hazard, call 311. Afterhours callers will be directed to the water dispatch number where a report can be made. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.`
City of Tulsa Flood Management
Over the years, the City of Tulsa has completed many flood control projects to keep floodwaters from reaching buildings. In 2022, the City of Tulsa became only the second city in the United States to achieve a Class 1 rating in the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System. This rating shows the City’s commitment to risk reduction through its world-class stormwater management system that ultimately helps Tulsans lower the cost of obtaining flood insurance.
Despite these efforts, the risk of flooding has not been - and cannot be - completely eliminated. Citizens are asked to take appropriate measures to protect their property. More information about Tulsa’s flood control efforts, Class 1 rating, and flood control preparedness tips can be found online.