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City of Tulsa Introduces New System to Better Serve Developers

This article was archived on 3/31/2017

The City of Tulsa has implemented a more convenient system for customers to meet with City of Tulsa permit center staff regarding their permit needs without waiting in line. 

With the new sign-in system, customers can go online or text a number to request a meeting with a permit representative and the customer will receive an estimated wait time.

The customer also has the option of coming into the permit center and signing-in at a self-serve kiosk. The customer will still receive an estimated wait time so they will not have to wait in the permit center for an extended period of time. 

“The new system truly saves time for our customers who are helping develop our community. We know time is money and we are excited to implement a best practice being utilized across the country right here in Tulsa.” Dawn Warrick, City of Tulsa Planning and Development Director said. 

In 2016, the city processed 25,401 permits. On average, 40-60 customers visit the City permit center per day.

Prior to the new system, customers visiting the permit center would sign-in and wait their turn to meet with an available permit representative. Now, a customer will have more information about their wait time and can control how to best spend their time.

“In my line of work, time is of the essence and every minute counts,” Tom Wallace, local developer and engineer said. “It speaks volumes that the City is willing to work with the development community to create a more business-friendly environment by streamlining processes that will increase productivity.”

City of Tulsa permit center – Meet with a Representative Today.

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The City of Tulsa produced a flier about the new system (attached) and an instructional video on how to use the new permit center system. The media is encouraged to use and share the video,

For more information about the City of Tulsa permit center, visit: