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City of Tulsa Water & Pothole Repair Update – 1:40 p.m.

This article was archived on 3/7/2021

The City of Tulsa is still trying to increase storage tank levels due to the amount of water being lost throughout the water system and continues to implement operational changes necessary to replenish storage tank levels.

Residents are asked to continue to conserve water until the water situation fully stabilizes. 

Today, 40 crews are working to repair waterlines and restore service to those affected. As of early this afternoon, there are approximately 50 active waterline breaks (break board is in process of being updated), with water shut off to 43 of those. Currently, 641 residential customers and 72 businesses are impacted.

Repairs are being prioritized based on when the waterlines were shut down. The City’s main focus is to repair waterlines and restore service to all affected customers.

Residents who are experiencing private waterline breaks on their side of the line are asked to either use the water shutoff valve inside their residence if they have one, or call Water Dispatch to come shut the water off at the meter outside. It is believed additional water loss from private waterline breaks is contributing to the need for Tulsa water customers to continue to conserve water.

To report waterline breaks, customers can call Water Dispatch at (918) 596-9488 or Sewer Dispatch at (918) 586-6999. Additionally, customers can report waterline breaks via email, with no wait times, to

View the waterline break map at:    

Voluntary Boil Advisory

After talking with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, the voluntary boil advisory remains in effect for Tulsa water customers as a precaution. To date, there have been no water quality issues discovered.

This voluntary boil order applies to customers who have experienced low water pressure, are seeing discolored water, and those who have recently had water service restored after their water was shutoff for waterline repairs. 

For more information about this order, visit:

Water Stations Update

Updated information on water stations will be made available later this afternoon, as some additional locations are being added and a few operational changes are being made at existing water stations.

Pothole Repair Updates

Eight City crews are working to repair potholes across Tulsa following the severe weather event. Earlier today, crews were addressing more than 40 potholes across the city.

Currently, potholes are being addressed through cold patching until the hot asphalt is able to be utilized. Cold patching will temporarily alleviate potentially hazardous road conditions until crews are able to apply a more permanent patch with hot asphalt.

Though crews know of a few spots where potholes are more likely to be present after a severe weather event, the City relies heavily on reporting from residents to address potholes as they pop up.

Residents can report potholes by calling 311, using the 311 app, or making a report online at