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City of Tulsa Winter Weather Update – Jan. 31, 5:05 p.m.

This article was archived on 2/5/2023

City of Tulsa street crews are continuing work to clear turn and center lanes.

As the temperatures start to drop tonight, crews will treat bridges and overpasses again to prevent refreeze. The morning shift will also be involved in the treatment overnight.

With refreeze expected to have the highest impact tonight with no new precipitation in our area until tomorrow evening, we will continue to monitor and address the situation as warranted.

During winter weather response, the first focus is to clear city arterial streets for emergency responders. After arterial streets are clear, the second focus moves to residential or collector streets near hospitals, schools, and steep hills. The following link includes information on the City’s snow and ice response, including every map and route the City uses for arterial streets, collector streets, schools, and steep hills:

City of Tulsa Service & Operations Updates
All Community Centers, including Oxley Nature Center, will open tomorrow during normal business hours. For the latest on Tulsa Parks operations, follow Tulsa Parks on Facebook, @TulsaParks.

Tulsa Animal Welfare will be open tomorrow during normal business hours. For more information on TAW operations, visit

Almost all refuse was serviced today with a few exceptions in steep areas. About 10 percent of recycling has been serviced and a few trucks are still trying to haul what they can. Haulers plan to collect refuse and recycling as we move into the day tomorrow. Any area that is not safe to travel will be collected at a later time. Residents who have missed service can leave their cart at the curb and crews will service it once it is safe to do so.

For citizens who cannot make their Tulsa Municipal Court date tomorrow because of the weather, their cases will be passed to February 21 (last name A-M) and February 22 (last name N-Z). For those who were not able to make their court date on Monday, January 30, their cases have been passed to February 13 (last name A-M) and February 14 (last name N-Z). Citizens who didn’t make court today, January 31, will have their cases passed to passed to February 15 (last name A-M) and February 16 (last name N-Z).

Utility billing and the Permit Center at City Hall will be open during normal business hours tomorrow. For the safety of Development Services staff, inspections were canceled today with the exception of gas meters in commercial properties and occupied residences. Staff will be reaching out to reschedule inspections. A determination will be made tomorrow morning on whether scheduled inspections will resume tomorrow.

Before heading to your destination, check with the City of Tulsa for the most up-to-date information on its services, which can be found on the City’s Facebook, @CityofTulsa, the City’s Twitter, @CityofTulsaGov, or at

Four warming stations are open in Tulsa for individuals and families seeking shelter from the cold:
‣ John 3:16 Mission, 506 N. Cheyenne Ave.: open 24-7.
‣ The Salvation Army Center of Hope, 102 N. Denver Ave.: open 24-7.
‣ Tulsa County Emergency Shelter, 2401 Charles Page Blvd.: open 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
‣ Tulsa Day Center, 415 W. Archer St.: open 24-7

If you see someone out in the cold and would like to submit a request for outreach teams from Housing Solutions to make contact, visit Organizations interested in providing support during extreme weather events can visit to learn more and fill out an interest survey.

Cold Weather Pet Safety
Frigid temperatures pose serious threats to animals’ health. Both pets and livestock can be at risk. If your pet doesn’t have to be outside, please bring it inside. If it does have to be outside, please ensure they have a warm, solid shelter against the wind with a source of water that is not frozen.