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City Offers Free Certification Class for Lifeguards Who Commit to Working for Tulsa Parks This Summer

This article was archived on 5/30/2022

A lifeguard shortage could delay summer fun at Tulsa Parks community pools.  

Through a partnership with the Tulsa County Bar Association, Tulsa Parks will host three free classes for lifeguard certification.  

The only requirement to attend the class is to commit to working for Tulsa Parks as a lifeguard this summer.  

It can cost up to $300 to get the required certifications to be a lifeguard.  

The classes will be held:

“Many of our guards are teenagers or college students so the cost of lifeguard certification training can be daunting for a part-time summer job,” Anna America, Chief of Culture and Recreation and Parks Director said. “That is why we are helping with that burden by asking potential lifeguards to commit to Tulsa Parks and we’ll help cover that cost.”  

City pools are scheduled to open on June 4, however, if the city does not have enough lifeguards the opening date could be pushed back to a later date. Orientation for lifeguards is May 31st

So far, only 12 people have applied to be a lifeguard at city pools this summer.  

Parks must have 36 lifeguards on the team to be considered fully staffed, in 2021, the department was able to open pools on a staggered schedule with 16 employees.  

Lifeguards must be at least 16 years old and strong swimmers. Pay is $11 an hour.  

To apply or attend a certification class, contact Nick Pond, Aquatics Coordinator, at (918) 210-3303 or