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City’s Equipment Management Division Named #1 Green Garage Winner, Dubbed ‘Most Socially Responsible Team in America’

This article was archived on 3/21/2021

The City of Tulsa's Equipment Management Division was recently named the #1 Green Garage winner in the annual Green Fleet Awards, a contest that honors the country’s most progressive and environmentally-committed fleets.

Hosted by the 100 Best Fleets in America, Green Fleet Award contestants are asked to share innovative and simple ways they “green their maintenance garages,” showcasing everything from roof solar panels to waste oil heating systems. The contest is intended to highlight national best practices and inspire change on the part of peer fleets and municipalities.

“We’re honored to be recognized for our green efforts when it comes to fleet maintenance at the City of Tulsa,” said Mark Hogan, the City’s Director of Asset Management. “Our EMD staff is well deserving of this award, and I would put our team up against any other in the country.”

The City’s EMD staff is comprised of more than 80 employees who service nearly 2,500 vehicles per year. This is the sixth year in a row the City has placed in the top 50 for the Green Fleet Awards.

Rhea Bozic, Chief Judge for the competition, had this to say of the City’s efforts:

“Not only does the Equipment Management Division make a concerted and sustained effort to help the environment, they help people and the community in the process. I think all the judges agreed, this fleet does it all. They recycle EVERYTHING, and do constant training with both their staff and student interns to make sure things from large vehicle parts to small aerosol cans go to the proper recycling area. We’re always looking at how fleets reach out to the community, and last year the Tulsa fleet worked with the Oklahoma Public Fleet Management Association to host a fleet conference for 300 government professionals and technicians from across Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas. They use sustainable products, biodegradable cleaners, and bring careful consideration to their procurement process. I especially like the commitment they have to training tomorrow’s technicians through their five-day-a-week intern training program, and their use and sharing of waste oil for heating the buildings.”

To be eligible for consideration, contestants must showcase a comprehensive, top-to-bottom commitment to green vehicle maintenance and give examples of improvement metrics and cost savings.

“Your team is the most socially responsible one in North America, improving lives and livelihoods through your best practices,” said Tom C. Johnson, President of 100 Best Fleets in America.