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City to Open Competitive Sealed Proposal Process for Animal Welfare Services

This article was archived on 3/29/2020

In the coming weeks, the City will issue a Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals (CSP) for animal shelter management, including animal welfare services, medical care, spay and neuter services, adoptions and public education. The CSP does not include Animal Welfare law enforcement and related field services as those services must be maintained by city personnel.

Solicited proposals from qualified agencies and community partners will be evaluated and compared to a City team proposal for enhanced performance, in a managed competition framework. The goal is to have a determination and a new approach in place by the start of the upcoming fiscal year, July 1, 2020.

The City is undertaking this process to evaluate better ways to approach animal shelter management. This process will give qualified and experienced community partners an opportunity to demonstrate how they can help the City improve performance and meet its goals for animal welfare. It will also empower staff to think outside the box and propose new ideas for managing shelter operations.

The City has made strides over the last decade to transform the outmoded system of animal control to a more modern system of animal welfare. The City has also redoubled the efforts over the last year and a half, by significantly increasing operating funding and staffing through the Compressive Animal Reform Plan.

In the past year, the Shelter has extended shelter hours to the weekends, increased field services to seven days a week and hired a Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator and a Pet Diversion and Helpline Coordinator along with implementing open selection for adoptions.

The CSP process will ultimately help the City of Tulsa implement its goals of maintaining safe and sanitary conditions at the shelter, establishing and following consistent protocols, and enforcing and facilitating spaying and neutering.