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Citywide Non-Arterial Pavement Inspection In Progress

This article was archived on 7/28/2018

June 8 - The City of Tulsa has hired an engineering consultant, Poe & Associates, to inspect pavement and assess the condition of all non-arterial streets citywide. Residents may see survey crews in their neighborhood, marking the streets with pink paint. This citywide inspection began in May and will continue through August.

The City of Tulsa inspects non-arterial streets every five years, and arterial streets with the Central Business District also every five years. The arterial streets and Central Business District were inspected last in 2015, and are scheduled for re-inspection in 2020. Non-arterial streets will be inspected again in 2023, and so on.

These assessments enable the City of Tulsa to maintain current data on pavement condition and help to prioritize pavement maintenance and rehabilitation projects.