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Coronavirus, COVID-19 Update in Tulsa – March 13

This article was archived on 4/4/2020

The State and Tulsa Health Departments have confirmed two residents in Tulsa County have tested positive with Coronavirus-COVID-19 from travel – one has already recovered. As with the flu, the COVID-19 virus is spread from person-to-person contact. With a confirmed case in Tulsa, we need to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions and follow basic health tips by washing hands and following social distancing. The virus has shown to be more severe in elderly populations and those with underlying medical conditions. It’s been observed that most healthy people are able to recover after having the virus, and most cases of the virus are somewhat mild- symptoms include cough and fever, while severe cases have shortness of breath or impaired breathing.

City of Tulsa - In the City of Tulsa, we are remaining vigilant and taking necessary precautions for the safety of our employees and community. Right now, the City is still operating under normal operations. At this time, there is not community spread. That is why at this time events are continuing as normal or at the event owner’s discretion. If conditions change, the THD and City will provide updated guidance. As a City, we have been preparing and reviewing and testing our internal City continuity plans as this progresses. Mayor Bynum has issued a hiring and travel freeze for employees. City Human Resources is evaluating the sick leave policy and work at home policy in the event COVID-19 spreads to the community and employees. The City has also been working closely with City Medical on protocols for employees. From an external standpoint the City is also reviewing processes and public facing services in the event of community spread.

Tulsa County - Tulsa County has been putting together business continuity plans with the support of the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (TAEMA). Given this prep work, County officials and leadership are confident in their plans and how they will respond should COVID-19 become a larger issue in Tulsa County and directly affect County operations. The County has plans in place to ensure operations continue—all part of a larger plan overseen by TAEMA.

Tulsa Fire - Tulsa Fire personnel are working normal hours at all fire stations and headquarters. TFD facilities will utilize limited access to help reduce any spread of the virus. A TFD internal Coronavirus taskforce is working closely with the medical director to reduce exposure to responders. TFD will continually monitor EMS calls, inventory, and department status. The most important thing for the citizens to know is this, all 42 frontline apparatus have been reinforced with additional personal protective equipment (PPE) making certain that firefighters have the recommended exposure protection to ensure that our citizens receive the response and care they deserve.

Tulsa Police - The Tulsa Police Department is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of Tulsa. As TPD closely monitors the COVID Pandemic, officers will continue to perform all essential duties including responding to calls for service. Should the situation worsen, we have planned a measured response to ensure your police department will maintain its patrol staffing levels. The Tulsa Police Department has a system in place to monitor essential employee absenteeism and thus far have seen no notable differences from our normal staffing levels. If you need to make a police report and there is no suspect present, please consider using our online reporting system or a TPD Telephone Reporting Officer. Both of these will start the investigative process the same as an officer responding to your home or business, for more information go to However, if you need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to call 911 for Police, Fire, or Medical.

Basic Health Tips
Some longstanding basic health tips can go a long way in helping prevent COVID-19 transmission. Note that face masks and gloves are to be saved for health care professionals and are not for use by the general public.

Self-care treatment

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