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Coronavirus, Tulsa COVID-19 Update – August 19

This article was archived on 9/26/2021

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Today, Mayor G.T. Bynum, Tulsa Health Department Executive Director Dr. Dart, Tulsa County Commissioner Stan Sallee, and Hillcrest South ICU Medical Director Brian Worley gave an update on COVID-19 in the Tulsa area.

As of yesterday, an additional 16 deaths were reported for the week. To date, more than 1,196 people have died due to the virus in Tulsa County. Tulsa health officials say the majority of those in the ICU are unvaccinated and recommend a layered approach to help prevent rapid transmission, which includes vaccination, masking indoors, hand-washing and sanitation protocols, and social distancing when possible.

The City of Tulsa currently does not have a mask mandate within City limits, but the City is enforcing its trespassing laws at any business who wishes to require masks in their establishment. To learn more about mask-wearing in Tulsa and to find updated ‘Face Coverings Required’ posters and flyers that anyone can post at their business or event, visit

Vaccines Information

Anyone 12 years old and older is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for free, regardless of health insurance. The three vaccines being administered in Tulsa County are Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

There are various places to receive the vaccine, such as THD, local pharmacies, and doctor’s offices. To learn more about the vaccine and to schedule an appointment, visit 

Testing Information
THD is also offering free COVID-19 testing. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, stay home and go get a COVID-19 test. To make an appointment for a test, or to see a list of locations receiving walk-ins, visit  

For questions about vaccinations and testing, call THD at (918) 582-9355.