Household Pollutant Collection Days Scheduled on April 29 and May 20

This article was archived on 5/20/2017

In the middle of spring cleaning season, Tulsa’s Household Pollutant Collection Facility at 4502 S. Galveston Ave. will open for two special collection days – April 29 and May 20, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. – to collect items that are not usually accepted at the facility. Appointments will not be necessary on these two days.


The following extra items will be accepted for disposal on the special collection days at no cost to participants:

  • Tires – Up to 15 per person. No wheels/rims. No commercial/industrial. No tractor tires. No dealers.
  • Medications – from households only. No syringes, needles, or biohazards.
  • Ammunition – small arms only. No explosives, grenades, etc.
  • E-waste – Computers, printers, flat screen monitors, VCR/DVD players, radios, office machines, appliances, anything that uses batteries or has a power cord and weighs less than 50 pounds. No refrigerators or air conditioning units (due to regulations involving Freon). CRT Monitors ($10) and TV sets ($21) can be disposed of for a fee.
  • Mercury Thermostat Recycling: Participants that bring in a mercury thermostat will receive a $10 Lowe’s gift card courtesy of Covanta.

Household pollutants that are normally collected at the collection facility will also be accepted using the normal fee structure as follows:

  • City of Tulsa residents dispose for free;
  • Residents of M.e.t. communities may dispose of up to 60 pounds for free but will be charged for anything over that amount;
  • All others will be charged for pollutants as normal.

A complete listing of what is normally accepted is available online.

Because participation is expected to be high for the special collection days, it is recommended that those who wish to dispose of only the normal household pollutants call and schedule an appointment for another day. To make an appointment, call (918) 591-4325 (Tulsa), or (918) 584-0584 (The M.e.t.).

Also on the collection days, customers who have purchased rain barrels will be able to pick them up at the collection facility. There will be a small number of rain barrels available for purchase on site. Ordering information.

Participants who dispose of household pollutants also may visit the recently opened Swap Shop at the collection facility. The Swap Shop is stocked with dropped off items that are either new or barely used. Up to five items may be taken for free. Some items currently in the Swap Shop are fertilizers, pesticides, spray paint, antifreeze and motor oil.