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Human Rights Commission Presents Lifetime Compassionate Service Award

This article was archived on 3/27/2022

A new annual award to an individual who exemplifies a compassionate life is being established in the name of the late Tulsa educator and activist Dr. Sherri Dessirea Tapp.

The Compassionate Tulsa Committee of the City of Tulsa Human Rights Commission is honoring Dr. Sherri Dessirea Tapp, who died in 2021, by naming the Compassionate Tulsan Award for her. She is also, posthumously, the first recipient of the award. The award was presented to Dr. Tapp’s family during the Human Rights Commission’s meeting on Feb. 21.

Vicky Langston, chair of the Compassionate Tulsa Committee said, “Coming from a family of educators, Sherri pursued studies related to understanding human behavior and fostering more emotionally intelligent, caring, and compassionate persons and communities. In all her life and work, Dr. Tapp exemplified compassion in action.” 

Dr. Andrea Walker, friend and colleague at Oral Roberts University where Dr. Tapp taught, said of her, “She was able to show her inner light not only through her professional commitments but also in her personal life. Her Christian faith was the well-spring of her vocation.”

 The Compassionate Tulsa Committee was established in 2015 as part of the Human Rights Commission of Tulsa. Earlier that year, The Tulsa City Council signed and adopted the International Charter for Compassion.

The Compassionate Tulsa Committee will also begin a monthly award for an individual in the Tulsa area whose compassionate action is particularly deserving of recognition. The Committee is seeking nominations from the public for these awards year-round. The awards presentations will take place during the regularly scheduled Human Rights Commission meetings. The link to the nomination form, along with criteria for submission, is available online at:             

About the Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission serves to foster mutual respect and understanding and to create an atmosphere conducive to the promotion of amicable relations among all members of the city's community. The commission meets on the third Monday of each month at 3:30 pm at City Hall. To reach the commission email