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Mayor Bynum Creates Blue-Ribbon Taskforce to Overhaul Street Construction Projects in Tulsa

This article was archived on 12/9/2017

Mayor G.T. Bynum announced members of the City of Tulsa’s streets taskforce that will reevaluate Tulsa’s overall approach to street construction, with a focus on improving the speed and efficiency of individual projects. The taskforce will be led by former State Secretary of Transportation Gary Ridley.

Comprised of local business owners and residents, the taskforce will meet regularly with plans to release a report by spring 2018.

Mayor G.T. Bynum said Tulsa’s street program continues to make a positive difference across the city, but there is still a lot of work to accomplish in the years ahead.

“Thanks to the citizens of Tulsa, we have already invested millions into our street system, but we need to improve the speed with which we carry out future street projects. As we anticipate the continuation of the City’s decade-long focus on street repairs with a general obligation bond renewal in 2018, I am eager for this group to lend their expertise in improving the efficiency of our street projects citywide,” Bynum said.

One of the nation’s foremost experts in street and highway construction said he is looking forward to working with the City to begin evaluating aspects of street construction in Tulsa.

"The City of Tulsa has always focused on investing in its future and the Mayor and City professionals want to make improvements with the least amount of inconvenience to the public,” Former State Secretary of Transportation Gary Ridley said. “The first step in that process is to listen to the concerns of the people that are affected."

City of Tulsa Streets Taskforce Members
Chairman – Former State Secretary of Transportation Gary Ridley
Tulsa City Councilor Phil Lakin
Stacey Brown
Jarod Mendez
Anne Keller
Pete Regan
Lindy Risenhoover
Padre Samuel
Todd Saxton
Hal Walker
Bill White
Padre Samuel

The City of Tulsa has 4,500 lane miles of streets across the city, which is approximately the same amount of miles if you were to drive from Tulsa to Seattle and back. Track the progress of street construction projects in Tulsa by visiting: