Mayor Bynum Presents Proposed 2017-18 Budget

This article was archived on 6/8/2017

Mayor G.T. Bynum presented the proposed Fiscal Year 2017 - 2018 budget to the Tulsa City Council this evening focusing on the vision of making Tulsa a globally competitive world-class city. 

The total proposed budget is $824 million, which includes all city funds, operations and capital funding from Improve Our Tulsa and Vision Tulsa. The general fund, which funds most core services and operations, is funded at $269 million.

“With help from my colleagues on the Tulsa City Council, I believe we have developed an initial budget proposal that will set Tulsa on a new course,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “Having a safe, well-maintained and innovative city is just as important for our economic growth as it is for our civic pride. This budget represents a commitment to taking action now that will make Tulsa a more globally competitive city in the years ahead.” 

The City expects a flat growth rate in the general fund for the upcoming fiscal year, but priority investments for citizens will be possible due to Vision Tulsa program funding, modest adjustments in general fund revenue projections, department growth restrictions and revenue from Amazon internet sales.

Budget highlights:

  • Largest one-year infusion of police officers in the history of the City of Tulsa. Three academies of thirty recruits each will allow 90 new officers to be hired to enhance community policing strategies in Tulsa.
  • Adds three mowing cycles in the city of Tulsa for a total of eight cycles, representing a 77 percent increase in the level of mowing.
  • Funds the operation of a Public Inebriate Alternative, a substance abuse alternative program that will free up valuable police manpower, decrease municipal courts’ caseload and jail intake, and help citizens with substance abuse.
  • Implements a “Better Way” Program, an innovative solution to panhandling that partners with local organizations to help place individuals in beautification work programs that help citizens get back on their feet. Albuquerque, NM program: https://vimeo.com/146947306
  • Replaces fire apparatuses and safety equipment that is over a decade old and will fund a fire academy of 35 firefighters with the possibility of adding an additional 60 firefighters if approved for the SAFER grant.
  • Proposes a satisfactory performance increase for all qualified City employees.
  • Adds Sunday bus service for the first time in Tulsa Transit’s history.
  • Constructs a variety of new playgrounds throughout the Tulsa Parks system.
  • Funds Vision Tulsa economic development projects and major street construction projects with added staffing in street maintenance and traffic engineering. 


The Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority (TMUA), the entity responsible for water and sewer, is requesting annual rate adjustments based on a five-year asset management plan to keep up with the City’s aging underground facilities that requires investment now to ensure the same quality and reliable water for generations to come. The water rate increase was initially projected at 6 percent, but will stay at 4 percent this fiscal year.

  • Water – 4 percent increase
  • Sewer – 9 percent increase
  • Stormwater – 9 percent increase

The Tulsa City Council will review and discuss the mayor’s proposed budget and must approve a budget for the upcoming fiscal year by June 22. After the budget has been approved, Fiscal Year 17 -18 will begin July 1.

Mayor Bynum’s budget speech and the proposed FY18 budget can be found online