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Mayor Presents Dustin Davis with the Michael P. Kier Tulsa Blue Award for Public Service Excellence

This article was archived on 5/9/2021

This afternoon, Mayor G.T. Bynum presented a Tulsa Blue certificate to an extraordinary City of Tulsa employee for his outstanding service to our community during a special recognition ceremony at City Hall.

"We are truly blessed with a dedicated and talented workforce here at the City of Tulsa. It is my great pleasure to recognize Dustin Davis for going above and beyond to meet citizens' needs during February's record-breaking winter storm. I greatly appreciate his commitment to his work despite numerous setbacks during the storm. I commend him for his examples of shining public service," said Mayor Bynum.

As water temperatures dropped to just above freezing, the City's drinking water treatment plants began to struggle to keep up with the increased customer demand due to the unprecedented number of water line breaks throughout the city.

Dustin Davis, Superintendent at the Mohawk Treatment Plant, arrived at work on February 17, and planned to be there for what had become his usual 13 to 14-hour day during the winter storm. On that particular day, a leak developed on the main pump that was in service at the Mohawk plant. Dustin and his team quickly responded by removing the leaking pump from service, avoiding a catastrophic failure.

But the emergency wasn’t over. Dustin and his team tried to replace the malfunctioning pump with two other pumps, including a smaller option that would reduce the flow rate, but both failed to respond.

Understanding the dire importance of increasing water flow to the system and knowing they would need specialized assistance, Dustin began contacting several of the City's local, contracted partners to help fix the problem. After the repairs were made, Dustin began sending members of his team home, but he stayed the ensure that everything continued to work as it should. Dustin reluctantly left the plant to get some much-needed sleep after working 33 hours straight.

Tulsa Blue is an employee recognition program that honors City of Tulsa employees who go above and beyond the execution of their duties in serving their coworkers and Tulsa citizens. Blue is the dominant color in the City of Tulsa logo and symbolizes the extraordinary customer service demonstrated daily to Tulsa citizens and City coworkers alike by exemplary City of Tulsa employees.

Mayor Bynum encourages citizens to nominate a City of Tulsa employee online for the next round of Tulsa Blue honorees. 

Fill out the online form, including a brief description of why a City employee should be selected as a Tulsa Blue recipient, and submit it.