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Moving Violation Amnesty Ends Friday; Pay Outstanding Fines At Tulsa Municipal Court, City Hall

This article was archived on 3/7/2020

Those with outstanding moving violations have until this Friday, March 6, to take advantage of the moving violation amnesty period by paying fines and/or getting on the docket to set up a payment plan.

Amnesty, which is limited to moving violations, consists of running red lights, speeding, etc. At the start of the amnesty period, the City had 10,952 unpaid moving violation tickets, which totaled more than $1.2 million.

In the first week of the moving violation amnesty period, which started Feb. 24, 2020, Tulsa Municipal Court saw an additional 170 people who paid $108,492 in moving violation tickets.

During the moving violation amnesty period, individuals are allowed to pay their citations in full without any late fees or warrant fees. If unable to pay fines in full, individuals will need to see a judge to set up a payment plan as supervised by the Municipal Court Cost Administrator. In these cases, the individual will need to add themselves to the docket and have the opportunity to see the judge. Individuals can request to see a judge by visiting the Municipal Courts Office, Court Records, Room 228, between 8-9 a.m. daily.

Note: If the individual had a fine that was assessed by a judge and the defendant failed to pay the fine, they will not be allowed to add themselves to the docket and those cases will not be addressed by the amnesty. 

Those with outstanding moving violation tickets can pay in-person at the two following locations: