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Mulch Site to Reopen Wednesday for Drop Off Materials Only

This article was archived on 11/28/2021

The City of Tulsa Mulch Site will reopen Wednesday, November 17, following a closure due to a fire in the mulch piles.

The mulch site will reopen with a relocated, temporary entrance. The entrance will still be located along 145th East Ave. but will be a bit further south with directional signs pointing people where to enter.

The mulch site will be open for drop-off materials only. There will be no opportunities for firewood or firewood pick up at this time.

Tree limb storm debris can also be tied into bundles of no more than 2-feet across and 4-feet long, weighing less than 40 lbs., and put alongside refuse carts on regular trash days. There is a limit of 15 bags and/or bundles that will be picked up at the curb on a resident’s primary collection day.

Mulch Site hours are:

For more information on what can be collected at the mulch site, visit