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New Tulsans Welcoming Plan Sets 26 Goals to Help Build a More Cohesive Tulsa; Index in Place to Measure Effectiveness

This article was archived on 10/14/2018

The New Tulsans Welcoming Plan is a comprehensive roadmap for building a more equitable Tulsa while fostering connections between all immigrants and long-term residents.

In September 2017, Mayor G.T Bynum launched the New Tulsans Initiative in conjunction with the Gateways for Growth Challenge that allowed the City to develop a multi-sector welcoming plan to remove barriers and assist Tulsa with immigrant integration.

Based on a community driven process and with input from a diverse group of leaders, the New Tulsans Welcoming Plan is organized into five categories critical to building a welcoming city: Civic Engagement, Economic Development, Education, Health and Public Safety. All categories include actionable and measurable ways in which Tulsa’s immigrants, as well as current non-immigrant residents, participate in their communities, access resources and connect with one another.

Following the five vision areas, 26 goals are outlined with detailed actions that specify policies, programs, or practices that the City and partners will implement for the New Tulsans Welcoming Plan. To view the complete plan, visit:

“Ultimately, the New Tulsans Welcoming Plan invites everyone, both immigrants and long-term residents, to build the foundation for economic prosperity, improved health and enhanced quality of life for our entire community,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “By celebrating and valuing our diverse cultures, we can build connections and create strong support networks that can lead to a more unified and welcoming city.”

The City of Tulsa in partnership with New American Economy (NAE), will use the new NAE Cities Index to measure the effectiveness of the Welcoming Plan to adjust strategies and actions as needed.

The NAE Cities Index is the first comprehensive national assessment of immigrant integration outcomes in 100 of the largest U.S. cities. The Index scores each city based on 51 unique policy and socioeconomic measures to determine what impact immigrants are having on communities and how well they are integrating. Tulsa earned a perfect score on the Index of economic prosperity, which measures median income for immigrants compared to their U.S. born counterparts, among other indicators. To view the complete NAE Cities Index, visit:


“Immigrants lift up Tulsa’s economy, and the New Tulsans Welcoming Plan shows Tulsa’s commitment to including all residents in the economic and civic fabric of the city,” said Rich Andre, Associate Director of State and Local Initiatives at New American Economy. “Using the NAE Cities Index to measure the plan’s impact will help ensure Tulsa continues to build a vibrant and prosperous city in the years to come.”


From 2010 – 2015, over 27 percent of Tulsa’s population growth can be attributed to immigrants. Christina da Silva, Director of Community Development and the New Tulsans Initiative, said Tulsa’s future success is tied to Tulsa’s ability to follow through with the New Tulsans Welcoming Plan.


“The immigrant population is a significant portion of our workforce and a growing segment of our population. As a community, we must work together to promote the social inclusion of immigrants and their families in areas such as civic life, to promote shared prosperity for all Tulsans,” da Silva said. “We look forward to working with community members and partners as we implement the New Tulsans Welcoming Plan that will help move our city forward.”