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One Year Out: Tulsa Officials Launch 2020 Census Count

This article was archived on 5/11/2019

Mayor G.T. Bynum and Tulsa City Councilors joined the Community Service Council and Indian Nation Council of Governments on April 4 to announce the kick off the 2020 Census for the Tulsa area. The Tulsa website for Census information is

April marks one-year-out for the 2020 Census count as the U.S. Census Bureau prepares to hire local workers to canvas homes to verify home addresses and begin to count residents across the country.

“We are happy to partner with the CSC and INCOG to create a census complete count committee and ensure an accurate count in Tulsa,” said Mayor Bynum. “We want Tulsans to be aware that the population census is upon us and encourage every resident to participate and be counted to create jobs and increase growth opportunities. The census is the basis of apportionment for everything from seats in Congress to federal aid for local services and infrastructure,” Bynum said. “Funding for highways, school lunch programs, Medicare and Medicaid and other crucial projects and programs worth $600 billion a year are based on census data.”

Mayor Bynum issued a proclamation naming the City of Tulsa as a partner in the 2020 Complete Count Census comprising local elected officials and government agency representatives, as well as representatives of social-service organizations. The Committee will plan and guide census activities throughout the Tulsa region.

The Committee includes:

Barbara Cargill, Barbara Gibson, Brant Beaver, Christina da Silva, Deidra Kirtley, Emily Dukes, Emily Hutton, Jessica Sisemore, Jessie Guardiola, Kendra Morgan, Maggie Hoey, Maria Elena Kuykendall, Melanie Poulter, Melissa Abdo, Mercedes Millberry Fowler, Mimi Tarrasch, Nick Doctor, Pastor Robert Turner, Rhene Ritter and Zack Stoycoff.