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Parking Meter Pilot Program Ends in Brady District - Vendor Selected

This article was archived on 12/7/2016

The City of Tulsa completed the parking meter pilot program in the Brady Arts District, which has been in place since October 2015.

During the pilot program, three vendors installed seven Parking Pay Stations each for a total of 21 stations in the Brady Arts District. At the end of the pilot period, the City of Tulsa selected Parkeon as the new multi-space vendor for Tulsa's parking meter system.

All of the parking pay stations that are currently in the Brady Arts District will be removed Friday, Feb. 5 and temporary signage will be placed over the existing signage. Enforcement will continue with a two-hour parking limit in the Brady District until the City procures the new parking pay stations.

Although funding is not available to replace the entire parking meter system in Tulsa, the City will be able to purchase approximately 20 new Parkeon Parking Pay Stations for the Brady Arts District. As funding become available, the older multi-space meters in Tulsa's parking meter system will be replaced in phases. Staff will continue maintenance on older meters as needed to maintain the systems' integrity.

The new Parkeon Pay Stations will be solar powered, self-sustaining and include on-screen instructions for the user. Payment methods such as payment at the meter by credit card or coins, calling a phone number or by using a mobile application on a cell phone will be available. The system is setup as "pay by plate", which means the user will need to enter their car license plate number into the parking pay station.

The City of Tulsa has been looking at an overall parking meter plan for years in downtown Tulsa as most of the current parking meters are considerably outdated or ineligible for repair and replacement.

Over time, the goal is to have all of the antiquated parking meters updated to one centralized meter and management system. Eventually, the City hopes to have a mixture of single space meters and electronic Parking Pay Stations that work together on one platform with all types of parking spaces in Tulsa.