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Special Greenwaste Collection Scheduled for Residents Affected by May 21 and May 26 Wind Event.

This article was archived on 6/15/2019

The City’s Streets and Stormwater crews will begin a special greenwaste collection for two areas within Tulsa affected by the wind events in Tulsa.

Mayor G.T. Bynum has requested additional funding from the Tulsa Authority for the Recovery of Energy (Tulsa’s refuse policy-making board) to help cover costs associated with waste removal efforts. TARE will meet Tues, May 28.

For both special greenwaste collections, the City of Tulsa will make one greenwaste sweep at no cost. Residents should put their greenwaste to the curb at the beginning of the collection period since there will only be one greenwaste pass.

Greenwaste must be cut into pieces less than six feet long and 18 inches in diameter. Greenwaste should be within four feet of the curb and residents must avoid placing greenwaste near utilities and fire hydrants. The City cannot pick up greenwaste from the curb if it is contaminated with other debris.

For the May 21 wind event location, residents between Peoria to Delaware Avenues, Marshall to Pine Streets from May 29 – June 2 will receive a special greenwaste collection. Map

For the May 26 wind event location, residents from Riverside Dr. to Memorial Dr. from 81st St. S. to 111th St. S. and Memorial Dr. to Mingo Rd. from 81st St. S. to 101st St. S. from June 3 – June 14 will receive a special greenwaste collection. Map

Residents that received storm damage near the affected area that do not fall within the identified boundaries and believe they should qualify for the special greenwaste collection can call (918) 596-9777 and a supervisor will assess the situation.

Residents that called for a bulky waste service to dispose of greenwaste within the boundary areas will now be covered within the special greenwaste collection.

The City of Tulsa Greenwaste Facility is located at 2100 North 145th E. Ave. and is a free greenwaste removal option. The Greenwaste site will be open today from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. and the hours this week will be extended through Saturday, June 1 to 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.  A current driver's license or a recent City of Tulsa utility bill with a Tulsa address is required to use the site.

The City of Tulsa Greenwaste Facility is a free greenwaste removal option for Tulsa and Broken Arrow residents and available year-round. Customers outside of Tulsa and Broken Arrow can pay $0.55 per cubic yard at the gate to drop-off greenwaste.

Storm Debris Dumpsters

City crews have been removing trees and debris out of roadways from the May 21 wind event and placed dumpsters in the neighborhoods for residents to remove storm debris.

The same option is being offered for residents impacted by the May 26 wind event. The locations of the dumpsters for the May 26 event are:

****Greenwaste should not be placed in the dumpsters.****

For storm debris, bulky waste fees for the two affected areas are also waived through June 28. To request a bulky waste service, call (918) 596-9777.

Tulsa Citywide Refuse and Recycling

As a reminder, with the Memorial Day Holiday, all refuse services are delayed by one day.

Trash will be collected as roads are passable for Tulsa residents. From May 28 through June 1, the City will not collect recyclables due to the potential shortage of CNG due to operational challenges during the flooding event.

Beginning June 3 (UPDATE: THIS IS ONLY THROUGH JUNE 7), extra recycling that does not fit in the blue recycling cart can be placed next to the cart in a cardboard box or paper sack (extra recyclables cannot be placed in plastic bags).

We ask residents to please be patient as the safety of residents and workers are the first priority.