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Street Rehabilitation to Begin March 16 on East 11th Street between South Peoria Avenue and South Utica Avenue

This article was archived on 10/31/2020

A street rehabilitation project on East 11th Street between South Peoria Avenue and South Utica Avenue is scheduled to begin Monday, March 16. Traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction.

Access to all businesses will remain open during this project, and blue Business Access signs will direct customers to these businesses. City street projects show how sales taxes and property taxes are funding road improvements. Tulsans are encouraged not to avoid construction areas, but to support the area businesses throughout the construction project.

Work will begin with waterline installation in the middle of 11th Street. The two outside lanes will be open during this phase.

This is a mill, patch and overlay project. Milling typically involves removal of the top 2-3 inches of asphalt material. Patching is performed on an as-needed basis, once the top pavement has been removed. Patching is pavement repair extending down into the subgrade, adding a compacted base layer of aggregate, and then replacing the pavement layers. Overlay typically involves replacement of the top 2-3 inches of asphalt, providing a fresh, smooth driving surface.

Other elements of the project include the following:

The City of Tulsa has contracted with Becco Contractors Inc. for this $2,343,000 project funded by the 2014 Improve Our Tulsa General Obligation Bond. Completion of the project is scheduled for October 2020.