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Toby Jenkins to Receive Compassionate Tulsan of the Month Award at May 16 Human Rights Commission Meeting

This article was archived on 1/1/0001

Toby Jenkins, the Executive Director of Oklahomans for Equality, is the May recipient of the Compassionate Tulsan of the Month Award. The award will be presented during the Human Rights Commission meeting on May 16, at 3:30 p.m. in the North Conference Room on the 10th Floor of City Hall, 175 E. Second St.

Dan Burnstein, a trustee for Oklahomans for Equality, nominated Jenkins for this award, mentioning that Jenkins has announced his retirement for July 1. “Toby is widely respected and known all over the country for his work with the LGBTQ community and is often called upon to help other communities with ideas and suggestions with their programs and events,” Burnstein said. “He [Jenkins] organizes meetings with the State legislators in Oklahoma City at the Capitol, especially concerning rights of the Trans community and other related LGBTQ needs.”

Burnstein also mentioned Jenkins’s service activities outside of work, including driving Afghan refugees to a mosque on Fridays for their religious service, delivering food to people who were unable to get out during the pandemic, and visiting sick people in hospitals.

“Toby Jenkins works tirelessly and is a strong leader who is passionate about his job and our community,” said Vicky Langston, chair of the Compassionate Tulsa Committee. “He is a kind and gentle person with a big heart and his work will be honored for decades. The impact of Toby's work and dedication to the community showcases what compassion is: doing what one can to relieve the suffering of someone else.”

The Compassionate Tulsa Committee, which chooses award recipients, was established in 2015 as part of the Human Rights Commission of Tulsa. Earlier that year, the Tulsa City Council signed and adopted the International Charter for Compassion.

The Compassionate Tulsa Committee awards an individual, every month except July, in the Tulsa area whose compassionate action is particularly deserving of recognition. The public is asked to provide nominations at

About Compassionate Tulsa

The Tulsa City Council authorized the Compassionate Tulsa project by resolution in June 2015, with the goal to partner with city-wide public and private entities to create a shared vision that will enhance positive change, civic engagement, and establish the City of Tulsa as a model “Compassionate Community” as designated by the International Campaign for Compassionate Communities.