TPD Receives OK AG $400K Grant to Combat Crime

This article was archived on 12/7/2016

The Tulsa Police Department has been notified by State Attorney General Scott Pruitt that it will receive $400,000 to target and combat violent crime in Tulsa.

"Our police department has proven its effective and efficient use of the Attorney General's grant in past years, leading to this 2016 award," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett Jr. "Our police force demonstrates repeatedly that they are the best in the state at strategic problem solving, using the limited resources they have to detain criminals expeditiously and fastidiously work with the legal system to obtain justice."

According to Chief Chuck Jordan, this award, which was received during a time of very tight budget restrictions, will allow the Tulsa Police Department to continue to address emerging criminal trends in the following four areas throughout the next 12 months:

  • Organized Gang Unit to apply intelligence-based policing methodology targeting violent certified gang members and their criminal operations
  • Fugitive Warrants Unit to conduct surveillance, pursuit, and apprehension of warranted-for- violent-crimes within our community
  • Detectives and uniformed officers to conduct compliance checks for sexual and violent offenders' registrants residing in our community to assure their compliance. Officers will arrest and seek prosecution of those violating the conditions of their sentencing/parole
  • Vice Unit to continue the expanded operations for investigations of human trafficking, prostitution, and businesses that facilitate these criminal enterprises

The Attorney General's Office has partnered with the Tulsa Police Department during the last four years, without requiring a local match, to provide funding to combat violent crime, narcotics distribution, human trafficking, and operations directed at reducing violent gang activity within the Tulsa community.

"Their help has played a major role in some of the most significant operations to reduce criminal activities in these areas over the last few years. The Tulsa Police Department is honored to have been chosen to receive this award and looks forward to continuing its efforts in these areas with assistance from Attorney General Pruitt's office," Jordan said.