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Dangerous Hanging Tree Limb Removal in Neighborhoods Concludes This Week


The City of Tulsa's dangerous right-of-way limb removal operations in neighborhoods concludes this week.

To report a missed pick-up through next week (11/22), and to report other questions and concerns about the recent right-of-way limb removal process at your house in Tulsa, please contact 311.

Ways to Contact 311

2023 Father’s Day Storm – Operations Timeline

Following the 2023 Father's Day Storm, the City implemented a three-phase approach to cleaning up tree debris and limbs. Much of the City's work was and is being reimbursed by FEMA because of the Federal Disaster Declaration.

Phase 1 - Immediate tree limb removal to make roads passable

Phase 2 - Curbside Greenwaste Pickup

Phase 3 - Dangerous Hanging Tree Limb Removal from rights-of-way

2023 Father’s Day Storm Totals