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Tulsa Parks Seeks Community Input on City Park Sports Courts

This article was archived on 6/6/2021

Tulsa Parks is looking for more community input – this time to help determine how to prioritize funds to improve parks sports courts.  

The City's parks department has put up signs at all sports courts – tennis, basketball, pickleball, etc. -- with a QR code.

To use QR codes, you must have a smartphone with a camera. Hold your phone's camera up to the QR code to launch a quick survey in English or Spanish. Park users will answer a series of quick questions on if they want the sports court refurbished for its current use, converted to serve another function, or removed and replaced with other amenities. 

"We want the community to tell us what is most important to them," said Anna America, Chief of Culture and Recreation and Parks Director. "It doesn't make sense to invest in refurbishing a tennis court that won't be used. We want to know if the neighborhood prefers a pickleball court or a basketball hoop. Or maybe they really would like a dilapidated court removed, and something else like a walking trail or picnic area be put in instead."

The City Park system has 167 courts across 133 parks. Voters approved $4.8 million to go toward sports court refurbishment, repurposing, or replacement in the Improve Our Tulsa renewal capital improvement package.

The survey can also be accessed at