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Tulsa Pothole Reporting Made Easy

This article was archived on 4/9/2023

Recent winter weather, freezing temperatures, and heavy rains have caused an uptick in potholes around Tulsa.

City crews are working diligently to fix them by driving the streets, but the number one way the City takes reports of potholes are from citizens who report them to 311.

Instead of including important information on the various ways people can report a pothole to the City, some media outlets are reporting only on calling 311 as a means to report a pothole - an action that will most always be longer than using other quick reporting tools (see below).

In fact since Jan. 23, the City of Tulsa has received 359 pothole reports through 311 and has filled 8,050 potholes. Just today, the City had 10 crews out proactively addressing potholes.

In less than one minute, anyone can report potholes in the city of Tulsa at any time of the day by using the Tulsa 311 app. Pothole reporting is one of the first things you'll see on the main page. Alternatively, Tulsans can also report potholes by emailing the pothole's exact location and other important details to For those with an account at, potholes may also be reported online through that system.

Please note, all highway and on/off-ramp road repairs are the responsibility of ODOT.

More information about pothole repair in Tulsa can be found online.