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Tulsa Water and Waterline Update Feb. 21 - 1:45 p.m.

This article was archived on 6/5/2021

The City of Tulsa is still trying to increase storage tank levels due to the amount of water being lost throughout the water system and continues to implement operational changes necessary to replenish storage tank levels. 

Residents are asked to continue to conserve water until the water situation fully stabilizes.  

Nearly 50 crews are working today to fix broken waterlines and restore service to those affected. Today, the City of Broken Arrow provided the City of Tulsa with up to four additional crews and other equipment to help repair broken waterlines.

As of noon, the City was working on 98 active breaks, shutting water off at 63 of those. Today is the first day in a week where waterline breaks in Tulsa have dipped below 100.

Current water shutoffs are affecting 900 residents and 116 businesses. Since the onset of the cold weather event, the City has had a total of 311 waterline breaks, with 213 of those already repaired.

Additionally, the Tulsa Fire Department (TFD) has responded to a total of 348 private waterline breaks. These private waterline breaks are another main contributor to water loss and the reason why the City is continuing to ask people to conserve water to protect storage tank levels.  

Repairs are being prioritized based on when the waterlines are shut down. The City’s main focus is to repair waterlines and restore service to all affected customers.

To report waterline breaks, customers can call Water Dispatch at (918) 596-9488 or Sewer Dispatch at (918) 586-6999. Additionally, customers can report waterline breaks via email, with no wait times, to 

Conserve Water
The City of Tulsa is asking all water customers to continue conserving water. Because temperatures are above freezing today, water customers can discontinue letting faucets drip to help conserve.

As more people look to wash their vehicles after this weather event, the City is asking residents to hold off on washing their vehicles until the water situation in Tulsa stabilizes.  

Other tips to conserve water include:

View the waterline break map at:

Water Stations & 24/7 Water Pick-Up

Tulsa County residents that are homebound and who have their water shut-off due to emergency service issues can call 211 and the “Be a Neighbor” organization will deliver water to their home.

In addition to River Spirit Expo and Tulsa Fire Stations, beginning this afternoon, water trucks will be available 24/7 for residents at:

River Spirit Expo Hours: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Starting Monday, Tulsa Expo Square water station operations will move to the Exchange Center

Tulsa Fire Stations Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

*Residents must bring their own containers to all locations and masks are required.

Voluntary Boil Order Still in Effect

The City of Tulsa has issued a voluntary boil order for Tulsa water customers who have experienced low water pressure, are seeing discolored water, and those who have recently had water service restored after their water was shutoff for waterline repairs. 

This advisory remains in effect.  

Please note this is a voluntary boil order issued as a precaution, not a mandatory boil order. In Tulsa, there have been no confirmed water quality violations reported at this time.

Voluntary boil orders are issued when conditions are present for a potential problem with the drinking water, but a problem has not been confirmed. These are most commonly issued for water main breaks and other low-pressure events where the possibility of contamination intrusion exists.  

In contrast, a mandatory boil order, which has not been issued, is issued by ODEQ when there is a violation of drinking water regulations.

Take these precautionary steps during a voluntary boil order:

Street Repairs Following Waterline Breaks

There are multiple areas around Tulsa that have had waterline repairs made, but the street itself is not yet repaired – one such case is at 25th and Harvard. The City is asking residents for patience as crews work to finish waterline repairs ahead of the street repairs that will take place in the coming weeks.

Drivers are asked to practice caution in areas where there are cones and other traffic devices present and in areas where known waterline breaks are being repaired.