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Tulsa Waterline, Street Operations Update – 9:45 a.m.

This article was archived on 3/6/2021

The City is still working under 24-hour operations to clear arterial roadways and respond to a historic number of waterline breaks. 

Street Operations Update

Crews spent the night and the morning treating arterial roadways with salt, as some refreeze did occur. Most streets are in good condition at this time. City crews will be out today treating additional refreeze, turn lanes and other spots as needed. Tonight, crews will continue that work.

Water Stations Available at ALL Tulsa Fire Stations, River Spirit Expo

In addition to the Water Station at River Spirit Expo, the Tulsa Fire Department has offered up all of its fire stations until further notice to anyone who needs water.

Details are as follows:

The Water Station at Expo Square will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. until further notice. Residents will be able to pick up water (bringing their own containers) by entering the south main lobby at Gate 2. Parking will be available near the Tulsa Golden Driller.

Waterline Break Updates

Crews worked throughout the night to address the growing number of waterline breaks in Tulsa.

As of this morning, the City was working on 155 breaks, with water shut off to 130 lines. Roughly 1,700 residents and 93 businesses are affected.

Reporting Breaks

Residents are asked to be patient if they are experiencing a waterline issue, as crews are working to shut off and repair the breaks as quickly as they can. 

To report a waterline break, residents can call Water Distribution at (918) 596-9488. If that number is busy for an extended period of time, citizens may also report waterline breaks to  

Water Pump Update

At 3:20 a.m., crews were able to get a back-up pump running at the Mohawk Water Treatment Plant. A pump failure earlier in the evening caused low water pressure at locations throughout the city. Soon after the pump was put into service, there was an improvement in water pressure at the areas listed below:

Conserve Water

The City is continuing to ask residents to conserve water today. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality has NOT issued a boil order for Tulsa water customers at this time. Though individual service interruptions should be expected for those directly impacted by these waterline breaks, Tulsa residents and those who utilize the city’s water system are asked to conserve water.

Tips to conserve water include:

Thanks to the hard work from the City’s Water and Sewer and IT Departments, the City has created an interactive map that provides additional information on waterline breaks .View the map at:   

Clean Your Aerators

Because of low water pressures in certain areas affected by last night’s pump failure, residents are being asked to check their aerators on sinks and faucets. Aerators, which are those small round pieces on the bottom of your faucet where the water comes out, can collect sediment and other debris due to low water pressure.

Aerators are easily cleanable and can be unscrewed from the faucet, usually by hand – a wrench can be used if they do not easily come off. To clean your aerators, you can use an old toothbrush and a glass of vinegar.

Tulsa Fire Department Updates

Just yesterday alone, TFD responded to more than 200 water shut off calls at residences and businesses. Thanks to their swift response, the City was able to conserve additional water. 

Protect Your Pipes

If water is not flowing out of your pipes, you should:

Additional tips on protecting your water pipes can be found online.