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Tulsa Winter Weather Update Feb. 16 – 6:15 p.m.

This article was archived on 3/6/2021

The City is preparing for a second round of winter weather expected this evening into tomorrow as crews continue to operate on 24-hour shifts.
Snow Operations Update

Crews continue to plow roads and started applying salt today with the sunshine and warmer weather. With tonight’s storm, crews will be group plowing the snowfall. When the snow tapers off in the morning, crews will resume salt application.

It’s asked drivers provide adequate clearance from City trucks working on the streets (same for those working on water line repairs). Business owners and contractors plowing private lots should find a designated spot to place the snow. It’s asked snow from places like parking lots and sidewalks not be plowed into the street, as this makes the City’s job harder.

Waterline Break Updates
Thirty five crews will be working to repair numerous water line breaks across the city tomorrow. Six or seven crews will be in overnight to address these breaks tonight. Please be patient as crews work in these conditions to make repairs, as the cold temperatures can be hard on crews and equipment.

The City has asked crews to frequently rotate and warm up in their vehicles whenever needed.

Drivers should be aware of areas where there are orange cones and other traffic devices, as many of these are areas in the road where the waterline was repaired, but the road has not yet been repaired. When temperatures rebound, City crews will be able to fully repair the street when asphalt and other materials are able to be used.

Tulsa Fire Update
Tulsa Fire continues to respond to a large amount of broken pipe calls at residences.
The extreme cold can freeze your water pipes, so it’s important to stay aware and take steps to protect your pipes and your property. With the potential for power outages, it’s more important than ever to ensure the integrity of your home’s water system.

To protect your water pipes from extreme cold, you should:

  • Turn on the furthest faucet away from your street and let it drip – this will allow for water to circulate in your system and decrease the chance for your water to freeze in your pipes
  • Open cabinet doors below faucets allowing warm air to contact the pipes - this is especially important for faucets located on walls that are on the outside perimeter of your home
  • If you normally store cleaning supplies in these cabinets, it’s important to relocate them to a safe storage spot that children and pets cannot access
  • Locate your home’s water shutoff valve in case first responders need to respond and quickly find it

If water is not flowing out of your pipes, you should:

  • Leave faucets open and make sure your cabinets are open
    • o Leaving faucets open makes sure you can expedite the thawing process
  • Apply a safe heating source facing the walls with the frozen pipes in them to warm them up
    • o Never use a blowtorch or an open flame device to warm your pipes
    • o Make sure your heating source is away from any flammable materials
  • Call a plumber if running water does not flow to your pipes in a reasonable amount of time – if the pipe is located on an exterior wall, it’s imperative to act swiftly

Additional tips on protecting your water pipes can be found online.

Refuse & Recycling Update
City crews are working to catch up on refuse collection. There will be no bulky waste or recycling services through the end of the week. Bulky waste and recycling services are expected to resume on Monday, Feb. 22.

If it is your regular service day, it’s asked you put your gray trash bin on the curb. Backyard customers should also bring their carts to the curb, as many gates are inaccessible because of the snow.

If your bin was missed on your normal service day, please keep it on the curb until it is picked up. With the weather conditions, it’s asked residents be flexible and patient during this time. The City will make every attempt to get caught up once weather conditions improve.

Customers who have extra trash that will not fit inside the refuse bin can place a reasonable amount of bagged trash outside and next to their gray trash cart without a sticker. Only trash, not recycling, should be placed in your gray trash cart or in bags on the curb.

Additionally, the City of Tulsa Mulch Site is also closed until further notice. Illegal dumping and dead animal pickup is not being collected this week (unless it is on the roadway) – collection for those services is expected to resume on Monday, Feb. 22.

Household Pollutant Collection Facility Updates
The City’s household pollutant collection facility will be closed tomorrow due to the weather. The facility is expected to open again this Saturday when the weather improves.

Municipal Courts Update
Tulsa Municipal Court will be open on Wed, Feb. 17. Anyone who is unable to make it court will have their case automatically passed one week to Wed., Feb 24. No warrants will be issued for failure to appear tomorrow.

City Clerk Updates
The City Clerk’s Office will not have any in-person services tomorrow. Citizens can still contact staff, who will be working remotely, by calling (918) 596-7513 or by emailing Please be patient, as services and response times will be temporarily limited as a result of this closure.

Tulsa Parks Updates
Tulsa Parks community centers will be closed Wednesday due to winter weather. Additionally, Oxley Nature Center and other specialty centers will be closed tomorrow. Student Support Camps, which serve students who are practicing distance learning at various community centers, will be closed through the end of the week.

Tulsa Animal Welfare Update
Tulsa Animal Welfare (TAW) will be closed to the public tomorrow due to inclement weather. TAW officers will respond to emergency calls only, such as cruelty and bite calls. There are no appointments to see animals tomorrow, except for residents needing to drop off animals for an emergency. In the case of such an emergency, please call TAW at (918) 596-8001.

Tulsa Police Update
TPD is asking for your assistance as they help stranded motorists. If you see an emergency vehicle with its emergency lights on, move over and slow down. Now is not the time to be overconfident in your driving abilities, as road conditions can change quickly

If Power Outages Occur
Earlier today, PSO announced controlled outages across the Tulsa metro to save power, each expected to last 1-2 hours. Though these controlled outages were called off late this morning, residents should continue to be prepared for these outages through Thursday.
If an outage occurs, the City’s critical infrastructure, such as 911 and police and fire dispatch will remain unaffected. City utilities are also not affected.

Traffic lights will be affected. If you have to be driving, please practice caution and go slow when approaching intersections, as affected stoplights will be black. Treat these stoplights as four-way stops.

Unless there is a life threatening emergency, please do not call 911 if your power goes out. It’s asked you wait the power outage out in the steps listed below. For an updated power outage map from PSO, visit:

A list of safety tips during power outages can be found at: