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Tulsa Winter Weather Update Feb. 9 – 4:15 p.m.

This article was archived on 2/27/2021

Update, 5:45 p.m.: Since freezing drizzle has already started, brine crews have started treating hills, elevated surfaces and bridges. The remainder of our crew members will continue to report in at midnight.

The City of Tulsa is continuing to clean and check its trucks in preparation for the next winter weather response, which is expected to start tonight, as the current forecast shows freezing drizzle starting at midnight tonight.

Morning shift crews will report back to work tonight at midnight to respond to the forecasted weather tomorrow. Crews will make adjustments to this plan as warranted if any changes occur in the current forecast. 

Currently, most roadways in Tulsa are in good shape with plenty of salt and other materials having been applied to the surface. Drivers are urged to practice caution, as some slick spots may be present. 

Bulky Waste Pickup

Due to winter weather, bulky waste will not be picked up tomorrow. Refuse will still be picked up, though it’s expected to take extra time.

Warming Stations & Shelter Operations

The City is working to ensure those experiencing homelessness and those who will be outside for extended periods of time know the resources available to them throughout this cold snap.

There are two warming stations currently open in Tulsa for anyone seeking shelter from the extreme cold, namely:

The City of Tulsa’s overflow shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness at the former juvenile detention center is currently serving an additional 57 individuals due to inclement weather, maxing out the capacity at 116. The Mental Health Association of Oklahoma’s peer outreach program is going out into the community and doing street outreach. They are helping transfer individuals experiencing homelessness to local shelters, including the City’s overflow shelter. Warm meals prepared by Iron Gate continue to be provided daily.

The City is also working closely with A Way Home for Tulsa partners and Housing Solutions to keep our vulnerable neighbors safe during this cold weather. If you see someone who needs assistance, use this form:

Upon completion of the form, outreach teams across the city will coordinate a swift response.

If you see someone in immediate danger, call 911.

City of Tulsa Snow & Ice Response

The City of Tulsa is responsible for clearing snow and ice from the Gilcrease Expressway, L.L. Tisdale Expressway and all arterial (main) streets. Other highway segments in Tulsa are the responsibility of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

After a snow or ice storm begins, the goal is to make expressways and arterial streets safe and passable as soon as possible. These resources are available to attain this goal:

Crews are assigned to 35 specific routes totaling 1,770 lane-miles, which is approximately the same distance as driving from Tulsa to San Francisco. Spreading and plowing routes are prioritized based on traffic counts. Once the main streets are cleared and conditions permit, selected residential streets may be treated based on traffic and steepness.

During winter weather response, the first focus is to clear city arterial streets for emergency responders. After arterial streets are clear, the second focus then moves to residential or collector streets near hospitals, schools and areas with steep hills. The following link includes the route map the City uses for arterial streets, collector streets, schools and steep hills:

Want to receive updates on emergency weather information and create a disaster plan for your family? Download the free Tulsa Ready App, compatible with Android and iOS systems. Follow the City of Tulsa on Twitter for updates during winter weather season, @cityoftulsagov