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Tulsa311 Honored with Award of Excellence

This article was archived on 6/24/2017

The City of Tulsa’s innovative Tulsa311 Customer Service Network recently took the top Call Center honors at the Engage 311 Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Tulsa311 received an Award of Excellence for consistently demonstrating a customer-focused approach to improving municipal service delivery.

Please watch and share a video featuring Tulsa311 Customer Care Director, Michael Radoff, his thoughts on receiving the award and what customer service means to a few 311Tulsa employees.

“This is exciting news for the City of Tulsa! I’m so proud of Tulsa311 and for the leadership of Michael Radoff and his dedicated employees who deliver quality customer service to our citizens every day. The 311 Award of Excellence not only highlights the City’s Customer Care Center for its remarkable customer service, teamwork and service delivery, it demonstrates we are a nationally leading innovative city,” said Mayor G.T. Bynum.

“The City’s Tulsa311 Customer Care Center is one of the most innovative and progressive organizations in the nation. I would put Tulsa311 up against any corporate group across the country for its attention to providing exceptional customer service. It’s all about giving the customer a satisfying experience,” said Tulsa 311 Customer Care Director, Michael Radoff.

The CS Week 311 Award of Excellence showcases a call center’s efforts to: Foster teamwork ◦

Deploy value-added technology or innovations that improves the customer experience ◦ Use data to improve processes and collaboration throughout local government ◦ Measure call center and agent performance; and ◦ Improve service levels while balancing customer service center quality

“We are so excited for this venue’s expansion and the Award of Excellence exemplifies the maturation process of 311 call center operations across the nation. Tulsa 311 is a shining example of determination, strategic planning turned into actionable improvements and the operational benefits that come from marrying data and technological innovation to really make a difference in their customers’ experience,” said Lisa Collins, CS Week 311 Conference Director.


Launched a new Call Center in 2016 with three key technology features enabling customer self-service and the ability for customers to resolve issues, 24/7:

Measurable Improvements

Enlarged “At-Home Agent” Program

Increased Call and Performance Monitoring